3 Occasions When Doggy Day Care Can Be a Huge Help


Dogs are man's best friend, but that doesn't mean that there aren't times where it would be helpful to not have your dog around. If you love your dog, it's probably hard to imagine wanting to be away from it, but there are definitely times where having your pet stay at a dog day care can help you out.

Illness and Outpatient Procedures

Having your dog around when you're not feeling well can be a comfort sometimes, but it can be overwhelming if your pooch is hyperactive when you're unable to keep up. If you're trying to beat a serious cold, like a viral infection, it might be helpful to book your dog a day away so you can just rest.

Additionally, boarding your dog prior to having an outpatient procedure, like minor surgery or a colonoscopy, may be really helpful. You'll not only go home exhausted and possibly sore, but you could also still be under the effects of anesthesia. Sending your dog to day care not only means you won't have a hyper dog bouncing all over you, but you also won't have to drag yourself out of bed to take care of their needs.


You love your dog, but not everyone will. It's nothing personal; some people just suffer from something called cynophobia, which is the fear of dogs. Fear of dogs can be caused by scary incidents early in life with a dog, or simply being afraid of being bitten. If you're thinking of throwing a party, sending your dog to day care for the day may be the best way to put these types of people at ease. Women make up somewhere from 75% to 90% of the people who are afraid of animals, so take into consideration whether mostly men or women will be attending your party, and plan accordingly.

In-depth House Care

Cleaning up after a dog can be tough as it is, but if your home is about to undergo a serious clean-up, dog day care is a great idea. Your dog won't be underfoot or at risk of getting out of the house while people are coming and going. If your carpets are being cleaned, or you're planning on having your home bug-bombed to kill bed bugs, fleas, or another type of vermin, not having to worry about what your dog is doing and where may be the easiest way to get your job done. Carpet cleaning tends to use chemicals that aren't safe for pets to be around, and while you'd be leaving your home anyway for a bug bombing, finding a hotel that takes dogs at short notice may be tough.

Dogs are an awesome part of your life, but there are times where having a reliable place for them to be can make life easier or safer for you both. Dog day care isn't just there for your long days at work and keeping your dog from being lonely; they're happy to take dogs for short periods of time whenever you need them. More information can be found here.


10 September 2015

transitioining your dog into pet day care

After my 13 year old lab had surgery, I couldn't leave her home alone while I went to work. She had to be supervised to ensure that she didn't hurt herself and rip out her stitches. That was the first time that I even considered taking her to a pet day care center. I have grown to love the center that I take her to when I have to work long hours or have commitments that can take all day. If you have a dog that you don't or can't leave home alone, this blog can help you find a pet day care center for your pet and some tips for making the transition into day care easier for you and your pet.