Tips To Calm A Barking Dog


While there are many reasons why a dog barks, if they do so throughout the day when you are gone, the culprit is likely some form of anxiety. Boredom and loneliness can make the problem worse. While some barking is normal, such as when your dog senses danger, the hours of lonely barking need to be stopped for both your dog's peace of mind and your neighbor's sanity. The following tips can help you overcome this behavior.

Tip #1: Manage the Environment

For some dogs, anxiety from seeing people passing by outside of the home is the main cause of barking. To minimize this, try keeping the curtains or shades drawn on the home so your dog won't notice the traffic on the street. Hang up a no soliciting sign, too, so your dog won't become stressed or territorial from people ringing the doorbell throughout the day.

Tip #2: Try Crate Training

Crate trained dogs can be less anxious, since they have a safe den. The crate should contain soft bedding and water at the minimum. Begin by placing your dog in the crate for a short time, and then praising them afterward. Increase the time in the crate until your dog can remain inside for a long period of time. You don't have to lock a trained dog in their crate if you are gone all day, either. Properly trained dogs will go into an open crate on their own when they are feeling anxious, which can make them feel secure again so they won't bark.

Tip #3: Exercise Often

Daytime barking can also be a result of boredom. To minimize this type of barking, make sure your dog has plenty of stimulus. Hidden treat toys throughout the house are one way to keep your dog busy. Also, make sure they get plenty of walks and play time when you are home. If you must be gone long hours, consider hiring a dog walker or taking your dog to a doggie daycare so they can have more stimulus and exercise during their day.

Tip #4: Reward Quiet

If your dog barks anytime you leave the room or house, begin with a practice session. Turn your back or leave the room and wait. If your dog starts barking, ignore them until they stop. Then, give them a treat and lots of attention. Do this repeatedly until your dog learns that quiet behavior results in a treat.

For more tips, contact a dog training service such as The Pet Spot Pet Resort.


21 March 2016

transitioining your dog into pet day care

After my 13 year old lab had surgery, I couldn't leave her home alone while I went to work. She had to be supervised to ensure that she didn't hurt herself and rip out her stitches. That was the first time that I even considered taking her to a pet day care center. I have grown to love the center that I take her to when I have to work long hours or have commitments that can take all day. If you have a dog that you don't or can't leave home alone, this blog can help you find a pet day care center for your pet and some tips for making the transition into day care easier for you and your pet.