Tips To Make Your Dog More Comfortable At A Boarding Kennel


No matter how much you love your dog, there may be times when you have to travel and can't bring Fido with you. In these situations, a boarding kennel can assist with the care of your dog while you are away. Unfortunately, some dogs may be anxious or stressed when dropped off at a kennel facility. Use the following tips to ensure that your dog will be happy and comfortable at a kennel while you are away:

Look for a Facility with Doggy Daycare

Boarding kennels have changed a lot in the past several years, and many now offer a wide array of services to help keep dogs occupied and stimulated. When booking a kennel, it is a good idea to select one that offers doggy daycare services. This will allow your dog to have the opportunity to run and play throughout the daytime hours with other dogs, providing a valuable opportunity for your pup to socialize and expend energy. Before booking your dog's stay, make sure that the dogs in doggy daycare at the kennel are always supervised by staff; you may also be interested in a facility that separates dogs by size during doggy daycare hours.

Bring Your Dog's Own Food

Many kennels include the cost of dog food in their rate, but it is usually a good idea to send the food your dog usually eats in order to make him or her more comfortable. If your dog eats something different than regular dry kibble, make sure the staff at the kennel have complete directions on how to prepare your dog's meals.

Send a Little Bit of Home with You

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, and your pet may really enjoy having something that smells like home while staying at a kennel. Consider bringing a blanket, sheet, or even a t-shirt that smells like you for your dog to sleep with in his or her kennel. The familiar smell can go a long way in reducing any stress or anxiety that your dog may initially feel.

Arrange for Your Dog to Get Some Extra Attention

A lot of boarding facilities offer personalized extra services for a small price. When booking your dog's stay, you may be able to arrange for him or her to get extra treats outside of doggy daycare hours, or to have walks outside the facility by staff members. The extra expense is well worth it to ensure that your dog is happy. 

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14 July 2016

transitioining your dog into pet day care

After my 13 year old lab had surgery, I couldn't leave her home alone while I went to work. She had to be supervised to ensure that she didn't hurt herself and rip out her stitches. That was the first time that I even considered taking her to a pet day care center. I have grown to love the center that I take her to when I have to work long hours or have commitments that can take all day. If you have a dog that you don't or can't leave home alone, this blog can help you find a pet day care center for your pet and some tips for making the transition into day care easier for you and your pet.