Have A Long-Haired Cat? Follow These Tips To Ensure Your Home Doesn't Become Covered In Fur


Long-haired cats are surely beautiful, and many of them have loving dispositions, making them excellent pets. However, the one thing many people don't like about their long-haired cats is the mess they make. Their shedding can mean hairy pillows, carpets, and clothing. Luckily, there are things you can do (other than vacuuming and lint rolling obsessively) to keep the fur at a manageable level.

Have the cat groomed regularly.

About once a month, take your cat to the groomer for a good, thorough treatment. They'll brush his coat to remove any loose hair. Some even have vacuum-like devices to suction out more loose hair. If your cat is a bit stinky, they can give him a bath, which helps get rid of even more loose hair and also helps keep the skin in good shape so your cat doesn't shed so much.

Brush your cat between grooming appointments.

Every week or so, give your cat a quick brushing. Even if he doesn't particularly enjoy it and you can't spend a lot of time brushing, something is better than nothing. Focus on his back and belly, since these areas tend to shed the most. Do the brushing in a room with a hard floor so you can easily wipe up any hair afterwards.

Keep the home more humid.

If your home's air gets too dry, your cat's skin can dry out. This can cause your cat to scratch himself, leading to more shedding and loose hair. Other signs your home's air might be dry include:

  • You experience a lot of static when you walk across the carpet.
  • Your own skin and hair seem dry.
  • You wake up with a scratchy throat each morning.

Installing a whole-home humidifier is a good way to add moisture to the air. If your finances prevent this, consider purchasing a small, portable vaporizer. Plug it in where your cat spends the most time so his skin is exposed to more moisture.

Get a hypoallergenic cat food.

Many cats are allergic to ingredients like soy and wheat, which are found in many conventional cat foods. These allergens can cause a number of side effects, but dry skin and increased hair loss are some of them. To reduce shedding, consider switching your cat to a grain-free cat food. One that's labeled "for sensitive cats" is ideal. Talk to your vet if you're having trouble choosing the best food.


28 September 2016

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