Visit A Groomer To Take Care Of Your Double-Coated Dog


If you have a double-coated dog, you know that it can be hard to make sure that they are properly groomed. The best way to keep them groomed is to visit a professional groomer on a regular basis. That's because the groomer is going to have plenty of experience in dealing with dogs with double coats. They will have the proper tools to handle this huge job. 

Double Coats

A dog with a double coat has two layers to their fur. The top coat is coarser, with longer hairs. That top coat is called the guard coat. The bottom coat is made out of wooly hairs that have a really fluffy texture. Put together, they give the dog a fluffy appearance. The fluffier-looking the dog, the more of an undercoat they tend to have. A double coat is designed to help protect the dog from the elements. A double coat is common on dogs that are from cold environments, like huskies and malamutes. A lot of working dogs also have double coats, since they are outside in the elements and dealing with the environment. Those dogs include various breeds of shepherds, retrievers, and sheepdogs. Grooming these dogs takes time, but it has to be done. 

Blowing Their Coat

One thing all double-coated dogs have in common is that they blow their coat at least once a year, but it usually happens twice a year, generally in the spring so that the summer coat can grow in, and then in the fall for the winter coat. Blowing their coat means that the undercoat is shedding all at once. It generally lasts for two to four weeks. If your dog isn't groomed carefully, their coat will get matted and they could end up with sores on their skin. That's why you should take them to a groomer. The groomer is going to be able to help get a lot of that undercoat out. Your groomer can also teach you the things that you are going to need to help take care of your dog at home. This includes how to bathe them and how to help them get rid of that undercoat. 

If you have a double-coated dog, make sure that you are taking care of them properly. That means finding a groomer who can help you groom your dog so that they look and feel their best. Contact a pet grooming company for more information. 


26 May 2021

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