Plan to Board Your Dog? 4 Ways to Prepare for the Experience


After getting a dog, you may spend plenty of quality time with them at home. Over the first few months, you may enjoy going on walks and training them often. While you might bring your dog to most places when possible, you may be planning a trip in which they will have to stay behind.

A smart plan is to bring them to a pet boarding facility where they can stay for your trip's duration. Before this time comes, you can prepare in a few ways to ensure a positive experience.


Going on walks, visiting the dog park, and bringing your dog to other people's homes will help you socialize your dog. While you may have some experience doing these things with your dog, you may know that you can enjoy these activities with them a few more times before leaving.

Socializing your dog with other people and dogs will teach them how to act in these situations. This way, when you drop your dog off at a facility, you will feel confident knowing they can pass the behavior exam and get along with the dogs and employees.


Ideally, you want to keep your dog following the same eating routine. This makes it important to divide their food into bags that a boarding employee can give your dog. Also, you can give them the times that they often eat in case the boarding facility offers custom feeding times.

This process will maximize the chance that your dog has a positive experience and adjusts to staying at the facility quickly.


Over the first few months, you may quickly discover your dog's favorite toys. These are perfect toys to bring to the boarding facility for your dog to play with during their stay. The toys will stay within their suite, so you do not have to worry about losing them.


Along with toys, you can bring your dog's bedding to make them feel comfortable. Your dog might love using one of your blankets or pillows. In this situation, you can decide whether you want to leave them at the facility because your lingering scent on these pieces may comfort your dog.

This also means that you may want to hold off on washing their bedding until you get back. As a result, you can ensure your scent and your dog's scent are on every piece of bedding.

Go through these steps to prepare your dog for a positive boarding experience.


7 September 2022

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