Have A New Puppy? Why Enroll Them In A Doggy Daycare Program


If you have a puppy, it's time to enroll them in a puppy daycare center. If you're a stay-at-home puppy parent, you might not think you need this type of program. That's not the case though. Even puppies with stay-at-home parents can benefit from a daycare program. Read the list provided below. Here are four reasons to enroll your puppy in a doggy daycare program. 

Beat Bad-Weather Boredom

If your puppy likes to spend time outside, bad weather days can create boredom. Unfortunately, boredom can lead to bad behavior. Luckily, there's a way to beat the bad-weather boredom. You can enroll your puppy in a daycare program. Most puppy daycare centers provide enclosed play areas. That means your puppy can run off their energy without being exposed to inclement weather. 

Encourage Social Skills

If your puppy spends all day at home, they might not learn proper social skills. Dog parks can help. But, you can't always be sure that there will be other puppy playmates around. That's where doggy daycare centers become beneficial. Your puppy will have plenty of companionship when they go to a doggy daycare center. The interaction they have with other puppies will help them develop the social skills they need. 

Give Yourself a Break

If you're a stay-at-home parent for your puppy, it's time for a doggy daycare program. It takes a lot of energy to care for a puppy 24 hours a day. Sometimes, you need a break. Not only that, but you can't always take your puppy on your errands. For those moments, you need a safe place to leave your puppy.

This is especially true if your puppy suffers from separation anxiety.  You can drop your puppy off at the daycare center when you need to run errands. Or, when you need a break from the responsibility of puppy care. Most doggy daycare centers offer drop-in services. That means you don't need to make an appointment when you need to leave your puppy for a few hours. 

Reinforce Training

If your puppy is struggling with their training, a doggy daycare center can help. Some puppies don't pick up on training as quickly as others. That's where a doggy daycare center comes into the picture. When you drop your puppy off at a doggy daycare center, they can learn by observing. They'll watch other puppies respond to commands, which will reinforce their training. Plus, the daycare staff can give you tips on how to make at-home training more effective.  

For more information about doggy daycare, contact a local company. 


15 February 2023

transitioining your dog into pet day care

After my 13 year old lab had surgery, I couldn't leave her home alone while I went to work. She had to be supervised to ensure that she didn't hurt herself and rip out her stitches. That was the first time that I even considered taking her to a pet day care center. I have grown to love the center that I take her to when I have to work long hours or have commitments that can take all day. If you have a dog that you don't or can't leave home alone, this blog can help you find a pet day care center for your pet and some tips for making the transition into day care easier for you and your pet.