The Owner's Guide To Boarding A Dog For The First Time


Your dog is like your child. You protect him carefully and don't let any harm come to him. So when you have to travel and leave him at the boarding facility for the first time, it's normal to feel a bit apprehensive. But rest assured; with the tips below, you can ensure your dog has a safe and enjoyable boarding experience and that you're able to take the experience in stride, too.

24 February 2017

Tips For Boarding An Older Dog Comfortably


Travel can be tough on your older dog, so it makes sense if you decide to leave them at home when you need to go away. At the same time, health conditions and the normal rigors of aging means that long hours alone at home can also be problematic. This is where boarding comes in handy – your dog can have round the clock supervision without the stress of traveling. The following tips can make it easier for your pet.

12 December 2016

Have A Long-Haired Cat? Follow These Tips To Ensure Your Home Doesn't Become Covered In Fur


Long-haired cats are surely beautiful, and many of them have loving dispositions, making them excellent pets. However, the one thing many people don't like about their long-haired cats is the mess they make. Their shedding can mean hairy pillows, carpets, and clothing. Luckily, there are things you can do (other than vacuuming and lint rolling obsessively) to keep the fur at a manageable level. Have the cat groomed regularly. About once a month, take your cat to the groomer for a good, thorough treatment.

28 September 2016

Tips To Make Your Dog More Comfortable At A Boarding Kennel


No matter how much you love your dog, there may be times when you have to travel and can't bring Fido with you. In these situations, a boarding kennel can assist with the care of your dog while you are away. Unfortunately, some dogs may be anxious or stressed when dropped off at a kennel facility. Use the following tips to ensure that your dog will be happy and comfortable at a kennel while you are away:

14 July 2016

Tips To Calm A Barking Dog


While there are many reasons why a dog barks, if they do so throughout the day when you are gone, the culprit is likely some form of anxiety. Boredom and loneliness can make the problem worse. While some barking is normal, such as when your dog senses danger, the hours of lonely barking need to be stopped for both your dog's peace of mind and your neighbor's sanity. The following tips can help you overcome this behavior.

21 March 2016

4 Disgusting And Painful Consequences Of Matted Hair In Dogs


Some breeds of dogs, like Shih Tzu's, do not shed their hair, which makes them prone to matting if they are not brushed and groomed often. Matting occurs when large clumps of tangled hair form in the coat. Once this occurs, it is almost impossible to remove the mats through brushing alone. Most dogs have to have their hair clipped very short in order to get rid of the mats. In severe cases, the clipping can only be performed by a veterinarian because of the nasty conditions that may be present under the hair.

25 November 2015

3 Occasions When Doggy Day Care Can Be a Huge Help


Dogs are man's best friend, but that doesn't mean that there aren't times where it would be helpful to not have your dog around. If you love your dog, it's probably hard to imagine wanting to be away from it, but there are definitely times where having your pet stay at a dog day care can help you out. Illness and Outpatient Procedures Having your dog around when you're not feeling well can be a comfort sometimes, but it can be overwhelming if your pooch is hyperactive when you're unable to keep up.

10 September 2015